Welcome to Little Big Fund!

Welcome to Little Big Fund!

We met Jumoke in the spring of 2017 and were struck by her passion to eradicate deaths from cervical cancer in Nigeria. She had built the technology necessary to provide cancer screenings and knew that if she could offer it to her community, it would increase the number of women who would be treated.

Jumoke needed $3166 to launch the screenings in her community. With a little grant from the Little Big Fund, she was able to catalyze her big impact. In her first pilot, Jumoke served 23 women; 16 were found to have lesions. The women who were diagnosed were able to receive necessary treatment and Jumoke gained the necessary proof of concept to further raise support to grow her venture.

We believe in social entrepreneurs like Jumoke who have the desire to solve specific problems. We call them “little big doers”. Every year, little big doers like Jumoke give up on their ideas because they are not able to raise the funding and support necessary to test their ideas. We are here to help these doers gain the skills and dollars to catalyze big change.

At the Little Big Fund, the big question that we’re exploring is: how can practical fundraising tools and micro-grants catalyze big change for social entrepreneurs? Through a week long course and a micro-granting process, we distilling fundraising process while providing the necessary fuel to little big doers around the world.

Our hope is to break the barriers between the donors and non-profit founders around the world. Through unique partnerships with academic institutions, we will offer the Little Big Fund to social entrepreneurs around the world. If you know of academic institutions in your network that could be a good host for the Little Big Fund, please do share this note with them! If you’re an aspiring social impact leader, sign up for our newsletter and we will share opportunities and tools in the following weeks.

Thank you for your support, and together we look forward to disrupting the way philanthropy works in this world, one little big doer at a time.


Gayle, Tessa, and Abhinav

Tessa Zimmerman